Barn weddings & outdoor receptions are here to stay

There’s something breathtakingly romantic about timeworn wooden planks and high vaulted ceilings strung with electric lights and crystal chandeliers hanging between the rafters…

The popularity of barn weddings continues to gain momentum with couples looking for a memorable casual-rustic experience. Barn wedding parties can be as casual and country, or as lavish and extravagant as a couple wants it to be. They are no longer limited to DIY chalkboard signs, mason jars and garden flowers.

Today, barn weddings are a blank canvas where couples can get creative and set a tone based on individual preferences. The diamond-in-the-rough characteristics that come with a care-worn barn allows brides a perfect backdrop to design a wedding that is an authentic reflection of the couple.

Finley Creek Vineyard is the perfect country chic setting for a lovely barn wedding and/or reception. When Finley Creek gets all dressed up for a wedding party, something magical happens. The setting sun peeks through the rustic barn wood here and there. The serenity of the Zionsville countryside is palpable through soft breezes, birdsong, and the sweet smell of wild flowers from across the fields…

and Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering artfully prepares sustainable, farm-to-table gourmet foods, from appetizers to desserts… the aromas pulling all comers in for seconds and thirds.

Finley Creek Vineyards - Indianapolis wedding and event venue

We fully embrace couples making a statement with their individual styles. You’ll find no cookie-cutter weddings here. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering creates a culinary experience for their guests, and our brides and grooms love it! They really want their friends and family to have fun. And that comes naturally within the barn setting with fire pits, outdoor spaces for yard games, lovely wild flowers growing on nearby hills, and newly planted grape vineyards on the horizon.

There is just something about attending a Finley Creek Vineyard barn wedding that tells guests they are going to have a good time! We hope you will come join us for a tour and see what we mean.

~ The Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team, Exclusive          caterers for Finley Creek Vineyards


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