Finley Creek Vineyards is bee-friendly

Jacquie Bols, owner of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering and Finley Creek Vineyards, is all about organic and sustainably produced foods. She is also a lover – and protector – of everything natural and organic. And in addition to the food she prepares, that includes bees.

Finley Creek Vineyards has two thriving beehives filled with active working honeybees. These bees not only work hard to fertilize the flowers, vegetables and grape vineyards on the property, but also help nearby farmers fertilize their corn, soybeans, strawberries, and other crops.

Because we care about all bees in decline across the country, we hope you’ll join us in helping bees stay healthy and sustainable. Bees are needed to keep our food production safe and healthy, too.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Bee safe – Use only organically produced, non-chemical soils in your garden and lawn.
  • Bee vigilant – Buy and plant only untreated natural organic seeds to produce safe flowers and foods in your garden.
  • Bee sustainable – Landscape with bee-friendly plants, bushes, grasses and flowers that attract beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Compost yard and kitchen waste.
  • Bee farmer friendly – Support local farmers and producers at farm stands and farmers markets.
  • Bee Aware – Use only eco-friendly products. Steer clear of “neonic” (bee-killing) chemicals that hide in products in you may use inside and outside your home, including Acetamiprid, Clothianidin, Dinotefuran, Imidacloprid, and Thiamethoxam.

All these products linger on the flowers bees pollinate and can sicken or kill an entire colony.

  • Bee passionate! Spread the word about organic farming and produce. And keeping bee colonies healthy and thriving, as well as the earth green, healthy and sustainable!

Just making a few thoughtful changes in the products you buy and consume and the practices you employ at home can make a real difference to the natural world we depend on.

Sustainably yours,

Jacquie Bols



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