Socially distanced celebrations can feel intimate in the right place

Finley Creek Vineyards makes a perfectly cozy and tranquil setting for your romantic elopement or wedding celebration.

Our five acres are sheltered from the rest of Zionsville by rows of fir trees. The property houses an authentic remodeled vintage party barn for inside celebrations and lush, romantic gardens and a private vineyard outside. Inside, outside, or both -- Finley Creek is just the place to hold a socially distanced gathering – that won’t feel like one.

Finley Creek’s barn is lovely and rustic, creating the feeling of stepping back in time. Our catering kitchen, however, is state-of-the-art, having been designed by Jacquie Bols, owner operator of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering. That means the best of both worlds – in the ‘old’ and in with the ‘new!’

Earlier this season, we planted hundreds of sunflowers to welcome your guests and provide a bright and sunny backdrop for photos.

Dining al fresco is perfect here – under the trees or under the stars. We have several ideal places to stage a band inside or out. There’s an over-sized fireplace and a gazebo on the grounds, too. And if the weather gets iffy, you can always head into the barn where chandeliers cast a lovely glow.

Celebrate formal or casual, with cocktail tables or five-foot round guest tables for full-course sit down dinners. Go low-key (friends and family) or a little larger (up to 280 guests), there is plenty of room for both here.

And since Jacquie Bols is our amazing caterer, everything we serve will be locally and sustainably sourced, farm fresh, and expertly prepared.

So, go intimate or go large, either way, Finley Creek Vineyards has you covered.







Specialty holiday cocktail? Great idea!

At Finely Creek Vineyards, we love creating themed signature holiday cocktails – and boy, do we ever have some great ideas for your next holiday event!

Specialty or signature cocktails are a great way to kick off a corporate holiday party or fun wedding reception. And Jacquie's Gourmet Catering can make an original drink that expresses something about your event, the culture of the organization or the nature of the couple in the wedding.

Sometimes we theme the drinks these around a color (such as your logo colors) and sometimes around the personalities of the couple being honored. (And yes, we are always happy to make alcohol-free versions for your guests who don’t drink.)

For the holidays, we have no shortage of ideas! Give us your theme, and we’ll come up with all kinds of ideas. You choose the ones you prefer. Or let us know your favorite liquor, and we can build it around that.

Jacquie's Gourmet Catering team is amazingly creative when it comes to preparing drinks in with artful added edible garnishes – from flowers to herbs, stacks of fruits or veggies, cinnamon stirrers to edible swizzler sticks.

For wedding receptions, we can name a drink for the family of the bride, the groom’s nickname, a nod to how they met, the name of their dog, an inside joke – even their honeymoon destination. It’s just as fun to name the drink as it is to create it!

Here’s the bonus:  You won’t need to pay for an open bar if you offer a signature cocktail or two, plus wine and beer. You have the feel of an open bar without the cost. Great (and painless) cost-cutter!

Let Jacquie’s team help make your next event one to remember with fantastic fresh organic edibles – and a fabulous signature cocktail or two. Cheers!!



How far in advance should I book my party?

That’s a question we get a lot. The best answer we can give is – provide us with as much advance time as possible.

For instance, if you want a June wedding reception (our most popular month), six months out is a good time frame. Same goes for booking a holiday party. The earlier the better – especially for much sought after Friday and Saturday nights in December. They go early.

The good news is that Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering can  provide information about the best time and days of the week for parties, “bar flow,” and other details that will help you and your guests take maximum advantage of our venue.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has fantastic ideas for themed parties and events at Finley Creek Vineyards, too. Give us some ideas to get us moving in the right direction, and we’ll be happy to spin out everything from ethnic foods to theme color-coordinated appetizers, bands, PA systems, lighting, signage…stuff you may not have even considered.

When you book a party with us, you get the best food and service...and the best planning, too.

Let’s plan a great evening together!

- Jacquie



Finley’s does signature cocktails

 According to Wikipedia, a signature drink or cocktail is “any unique or original drink that expresses the nature of the person or establishment creating it. Signature drinks often incorporate local ingredients and culture. They can be fashioned or designed to represent a theme or color.”

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering loves signature cocktails, especially when they are made with locally crafted Hotel Tango spirits. They are a great way to theme a holiday party, corporate event or wedding reception right from the start.

Guests enter the bar and might choose a bright blue Spiked Colts Milkshake, or Lilly’s Lemongrass Ginger Martini, or CEO Corporate Cosmos, or Jason & Kelly’s Love Brew. You get the picture. It’s a fun way to launch any gathering, and get people laughing, sharing and talking.

For the holidays, we have lots of ideas for festive signature cocktails. Give us a theme, and we’ll come up with all kinds of ideas. Jacquie can match a drink to any color, and is delightfully creative when it comes to serving drinks in just the right stemware with artful added edible garnishes – from flowers to herbs to candy swizzlers.

For wedding receptions, we can name a drink for the bride, the groom, the honeymoon destination – even a favorite team or place.

Having an event signature cocktail is also a fantastic way to trim your bar bill. By having a special cocktail or two plus wine and beer, you have the feel of an open bar without the cost. That’s a win-win.

So next time you plan an event with us, let’s talk signature cocktails. We promise you a great evening jump-starter, and an event to remember.