Every day is Earth Day at Finley Creek Vineyards!

This month’s Earth Day celebration (Sunday, April 22nd) is all about honoring our planet by celebrating the amazing diversity of life around our lovely state and beyond, and getting in touch with nature’s bounty.

It’s also about protecting our environment through education, recycling, and support of sustainable, environmentally sound practices, as we do at Finley Creek Vineyards.

Owned and run by Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, Finley Creek Vineyards supports responsible Indiana farms by purchasing from sustainable and non-GMO, organic farmers across the state. We use locally sourced organic meats from Indiana farmers as much as we possibly can, too.

The Buff Oprington

Jacquie Bols, owner of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, is a fan of sustainable farm-to-table, environmentally conscious practices. “Not only does organic, sustainably raised meat and produce have a superior taste,” says Jacquie, “but the practice supports responsible farmers who choose to raise their crops and animals sustainably rather than mass-produce them on factory farms.”

And now that Finley Creek Vineyards raises several breeds of chickens, we have a steady supply of organic, all natural chicken right in our own backyard. Fresh eggs, too.

Since we recycle at Finley Creek, you’ll notice we never use plastic stirrers or straws at our events. No plastic plates or cups either.

As a part of that sustainability, we recently added three bee colonies to the grounds of our Finley Creek Vineyards. As the hybrid bees get settled in, they will be pollinating produce and flowers on nearby Zionsville farms, as well as producing honey for us. Our plan is to use the honey for baking, and eventually, we will offer it for purchase.

Our next addition to Finley Creek will be Tea Cup pigs, which will eat leftover food from our events (lucky pigs!)

“I’m confident I’m giving my customers safe, quality food,” Jacquie continued. “That’s something that’s incredibly important to me, and I believe it’s something my clients value and support as well.”

Celebrate the earth and sustainability with us every day, and with every event -- at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering and Finley Creek Vineyards.




ILEA thows a lovely luncheon together with ABC -- at our Finley Creek Vineyards

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is proud of our newest event site, our own Finley Creek Vineyards in Zionsville.

The vibe at Finley Creek is relaxed yet chic, and the food, naturally, is always fabulous – as it is prepared by Jacquie’s gourmet team of professionals.

Last week, ILEA, the International Live Events Association, partnered with the Association of Bridal Consultants to host a terrific luncheon at Finley Creek that included renowned wedding consultant Sasha Souza of California.

Jacquie pulled out all the stops for the luncheon, attended by 150 folks. We kicked off the luncheon with some of our favorite hors d’ouevres, which were all met with approval:

The salads were colorful and crisp:

And then, the main course:

Braised Indiana-raised Pork Tenderloin from This Old Farm stuffed with Fig and Pancetta. Served with French Puy Lentils, Haricot Vert Bundles, Butternut Squash Chutney, Vincotto, and Micro Ruby Radish Greens, it looked as fresh and savory as it tasted!

There was also a yummy vegan entrée: 
Cilantro Potato Cake toped with King Trumpet, Mushrooms with Roasted Corn Salsa, and Roasted Red Pepper Puree, Garnished with Micro Ruby Radish Greens.

Which… leaves the dessert (which nobody left alone!)

Our Dutch Apple Baby with Salted Caramel Gelato was met with universal approval. A lovely finish to a great gathering.

Because this was a celebration, there was a self-serve Glug Station featuring Cinnamon Sticks, Cream, and Nutmeg.

There was also a signature gin drink for the occasion, created especially for the group by Hotel Tango, plus red and white wine, soda, Hibiscus iced tea, and lemonade.

Industry experts have give Finley Creek Vineyard their 'air kiss' of approval. Be sure to check us out for you next event!

What’s special about Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering?

The best way to answer this question is by asking those we have served.

Here are a few testimonials from our customers (and one from our team):

“I have used other caterers who, despite what I requested, did things their way. When I host a special event, I want a gorgeous assortment of foods laid out in beautiful way, in keeping with my theme. Jacquie’s team listened to my specific requests, checked back with me every step of the way, and provided a stunning event that tasted every bit as good as it looked.”

Entree station - Indianapolis wedding caterer

“I work for Jacquie, and see how her meals and parties are prepared from the ‘ground, up.’ She uses local sources for vegetables, herbs and meats. The food she prepares is as natural, sustainable and organic as possible. For instance, meats come from Smoking Goose, This Old Farm, or Gunthorp Farms. Even the coffee is organic. Our preparation is impeccable. I see it close up, every day.”

                  - Anonymous, Catering Staff

“It was important to me to have a gluten free menu that didn’t taste like cardboard. I was thrilled with the breads and pastries on my menu. They were every bit as delicious as they looked.”

 “I wanted to throw an engagement party for my daughter that was elegant and different. Jacquie’s Catering was up to the task. Her presentation was lovely, from the crystal bowls to the silver trays of appetizers, linen, flowers and candles. The food was amazing -- the hors d’ouevres were delicious, the shrimp was fresh, the sauces were divine, and the pastries just melted in your mouth.”

- Janet, Zionsville

The service was as impeccable as the food. My guests were treated very politely and my home was in perfect condition when Jacquie’s team left.”

- Carrie, Indianapolis




What are Sustainable Foods (and why should you Care)?

Sustainable means “conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources” (source: Google.com). In the catering business, this means promoting healthy farming and environmental practices such as the use of fewer resources. Many brides and corporate event planners are looking for sustainable options when planning their Indianapolis wedding or special event. Here at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering and Finley Creek Vineyards, we have an eye on sustainability. We offer many options when it comes to planning our events, either at Finley Creek or another Indianapolis venue.

Our Outdoor Setting

One of the reasons we decided to open our own venue for catering at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering was to become more sustainable. At Finley Creek Vineyards, we can host your event outdoors in our garden area to make it green, and the sun can provide all the natural lighting you’ll need. Even our indoor venue, a refurbished Zionsville barn space, boasts plenty of natural lighting. Another way to conserve would be to have your wedding and reception all at one location, to save on fuel emissions. Dining by candlelight and using farm-to-table flowers or potted plants instead of off-season varieties are other ways you can stay sustainable with the setting of your wedding or special event.

Outdoor wedding tent - Indianapolis wedding venue
An outdoor wedding with covered, tented seating allows you to conserve energy and have a certain ambiance, while protecting guests from the elements.


Farm-to-Table Food Sources

You should care where your food comes from, especially when planning a special event. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has established partnerships with several local farms throughout the Indiana area, where we can source the freshest meats, eggs, cheeses, produce and other food for our clients’ catered meals. Using in-season and local food sources means you’ll be able to serve the freshest food that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. From pasture-raised to organic and non-GMO, we have just about any option you would consider, and we can help you select the best menu to accommodate your needs. Some of our local sustainability partners include Fischer Farms, Gunthrop Farms, This Old Farm, Traders Point Creamery and Goose the Market.

appetizer table - local meats and cheeses - Indianapolis
One of our Indianapolis catered appetizer tables with locally-sourced meats and cheeses


For more information about how to make your Indianapolis wedding, corporate event or fundraiser more sustainable, contact Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering at 317.283.2776.