Wedding Food Trends from the Catering World

What are Sustainable Foods (and why should you Care)?
November 30, 2016
Winter wedding at the Cardinal Room near Zionsville, Indiana
A Winter Wedding at the Cardinal Room
December 25, 2016

From brunches to custom bars, this year’s wedding couples have set a few new trends for wedding cuisine. Here are some of the most commonly requested food trends from our brides and grooms during the past year:

  • Local Fare: Brides and grooms are asking for their wedding food to come exclusively from local sources. Here in Indiana, we’ve received requests for local meat and cheeses for the appetizers, farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, and local beer, wine and spirits. Globally-conscious couples are choosing locally grown, sourced or organic food, and choosing sustainable materials for their china, such as our bamboo place settings. 



    local meat from an Indiana farm - Indianapolis wedding catering

    Locally-sourced meat has become a trend at Indianapolis-area weddings


  • Comfort Food: Perhaps giving a nod to nostalgia, many couples choose to serve comfort food to their guests at their receptions and rehearsal dinners. Some of our most recent Indianapolis wedding catered events have included foods such as pasta, meatloaf with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and pie for dessert. Couples are also choosing to serve these comfort foods family-style on long farmhouse tables. One couple even chose cookies and milk in lieu of a champagne toast.
Comfort food - Indianapolis wedding catering

Comfort food like this grilled cheese with tomato soup is perhaps a nod to a bride or groom’s favorite foods.

  • Tapas (Small Plates): One modern trend is for brides and grooms to serve bite-sized portions of various entrées in place of one large main course. This allows guests to sample a wide variety of cuisine or keep to a specific wedding theme. We can serve virtually any style of food in this shareable style, so the options are only as small as your imagination.
  • Visit the Stations: Probably one of the largest trends of the year is serving foods in various stations throughout the room, rather than having a buffet or plated dinner. We’ve seen the traditional charcuterie (meats and cheeses) and crudité (fresh vegetables and dip) but also options such as a baked potato bar, taco bar, a coffee or hot chocolate bar along with various desserts and cocktails.
Entree station - Indianapolis wedding caterer

This client chose an entrée station with Cedar Plank Salmon, salt selection and twice-baked potatoes

Whether you’re looking to fit a theme (we’ve seen everything from Mardi Gras to ethnic-inspired themes), color scheme (gold/silver and purple/blush were a hit this year) or cuisine for your wedding catering, we can work with you to accommodate. Simply schedule a session with us to talk about your vision!